Forest firefighting

Trapper Bag


A lightweight soloution for carrying hoses over difficult terrain.

Trapper Bag

The lightest on the market, this TRAPPER rucksack is a new concept because it is made without an internal frame. Load distribution and well considered ergonomics facilitate its transport even on difficult terrain. The arrangement of the hoses in pre-connected hanks makes its use quick, simple and efficient. The TRAPPER bag offers different storage options for your hoses (for example pipes rolled into coils).

Trapper Bag


- Dimensions : 72 cm x 45 cm x 30 cm - weight : 3.4 kg

- One handle on top of bag - Two side handles

- Helicopter hoisting loop (200 kg)

- Material : coated polyamid

- Openable straps thanks to automatic buckles

- 2 side pockets

- 1 front pocket

- Posture belt

 - 4 clamping system to maintain hoses

- Divider pocket with straps

- Better weight distribution thanks to hoses storage on shoulder straps

- Hoses storage diagram in bag

- 70 mm : Same configuration than 45 mm but with one hose removed in between

- Bag with opened straps

-Divider pocket on back of the bag

- Weight balance with hoses loaded on shoulder straps

- Hose storage in the bag

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