Operational safety

Fast Board (1/2 Tray)


Fast Rescue board is designed for confined space rescue situations.


Fast board rescue board is a new type of equipment specially designed for victim or firefighter rescue.

Thanks to its particular shape and accessories, Fast rescue board slides on all kind of floors, stairways, ladders and can even be used for vertical rescue.

Guarantee: 2 years



• Dimensions : L 115 cm x W 45 cm x H 10 cm

• High density polyethylene (PEHD)

• Designed for maximum maneuverability in confined spaces

• 45 degres side undercuts with 15 cm edges

• Provides a stable platform to avoid rollovers on soft grounds and reduces radius turns

• Mid-point rigging allows the board to lift over obstacles

• 20 cm wide handles allows handling with gloved hands

• Interior platform designed to allow easy victim recovery by leverage

• Single connection point for lashing

• Connection is made above the patient and keeps the rescueur from having to search for the connection point

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