Operational safety

GOC Control Case


This case allows the IC (incident commander) to have a mobile command device on site. This tool is adaptable to fit all IC needs. The case contains all needed tools for operational command. Efficient solution to handle a emergency situation : fire, major incident, terrorism, etc…


GOC Control Case - Blank Table

- Waterproof casing IP 67 compliant

-Water and dust protected (immersion 1 m)

- Color : black Weight 13 kg

- Material : thick sides impact resistant polypropylene

- Inside dimensions : L 800 x W 370 x H 140 mm

- Tightness seals

- Resistant to extreme temperatures : - 30 to 90 ° C

- Case / cover height : 95 + 45 mm

GOC Control Case - Blank Table


- Automatic decompression valve for high altitude transport

- Easy double lever opening system

- Outside dimensions : 850 x 440 x 158 (H) mm

- Reinforced angles for a better impact resistance

- Hinge folding handle

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