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Autoroll V6 Max

ref: PPAUV603

Autoroll V6 is simple and reliable. It locks at 1.25 metres without a mechanical system. The 6 metres are inside the casing. It is manufactured from recycled rope and has an elastic ring and strap for temporary fixture.

Autoroll V6 Max


• Simple: It changes from 1.25m to 6m at the simple touch of a finger.

• Reliable: There is no mechanical locking system, and the spring is reinforced.

• Fast and easy maintenance. The braid can be changed in just a few minutes without dismantling. • Unexpected release is impossible.

• It can be attached to the other member of the pair.

Autoroll V6 Max


• Replacement kit: Braid + 1 Carabiner + 2 safety sleeves.

• Reinforced polyamide casing.

• The 6 metres are released from the top of the casing.

• Spring built into a waterproof casing.

• Braid diameter 3.5mm with good resistance to heat and shearing.

• Mean breaking strength: 250 daN.

• Fastened to the SCBA harness using a screwed plate.

• 100 mm eye carabiner passed through the guideline karabiner.

• Permanent or temporary fastening system.

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